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Zoom Teeth Whitening

For many people, stained teeth are simply a part of life. Unfortunately, they can contribute to the appearance of premature aging and an aesthetically unappealing smile. Our North Hollywood Zoom whitening dentist has many options that can help restore the appearance of your teeth, including Zoom whitening.

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North Hollywood Dental Bleaching

Zoom whitening is a bleaching system that uses a powerful 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel to eliminate a variety of stains from teeth.

Our specialist for Zoom teeth whitening in North Hollywood may first clean your teeth to remove any buildup that could interfere with your results. Your gums and the soft tissues of your mouth will then be protected before the Zoom gel is painted onto your teeth. It will be activated with a special light, which will break the peroxide down into oxygen, and send it deep into the enamel and dentin of your teeth.
Our North Hollywood Zoom whitening dentist can use Zoom to whiten stains and discolorations due to smoking, smokeless tobacco, colas, coffee, tea, wine, tomato sauce, berries, energy drinks and other extrinsic stains. The oxygen breaks down the stains without changing the underlying structures of the teeth. Your teeth will be as much as eight shades brighter after a one-hour Zoom session. Our dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment after Zoom in order to reduce the risk of sensitivity and help strengthen teeth.

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Keep Your Teeth Whitened

You can keep your teeth looking whiter and brighter by maintaining good dental hygiene after your treatment.

    Brush your teeth after meals and floss every day.
    Visit our specialist for Zoom whitening in North Hollywood at least every six months, and use your touch-up kit as directed.
    Limit staining foods, beverages and lifestyle habits in order to avoid re-staining your newly whitened teeth.

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