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Pediatric Dentistry

Whether your child has been to the dentist already, or this is their first visit, our pediatric experts will make sure that their visit is comfortable and even fun! Our pediatric dentist is passionate about making sure that children look forward to going to the dentist.

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North Hollywood Pediatric Dentist

Great dental hygiene starts young. NOHO Dental Group is here to help your children with their dental health in Hollywood, California.

Dental decay is considered the most common chronic health condition in children. Millions of children suffer from tooth decay that is so severe it interferes with their ability to eat comfortably, speak clearly, sleep restfully and learn adequately. Our North Hollywood pediatric dentist offers treatment options to help children achieve good dental health that can last them a lifetime.
Our North Hollywood pediatric dentist believes that pediatric dental diseases are entirely preventable as well as highly treatable and curable. We are committed to reducing children’s pain and discomfort due to tooth decay, and we are dedicated to providing dental education in order to ensure all our patients have access to the building blocks of good dental health. Our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood recommends brushing after meals with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily. Children should be supervised until good brushing habits are established, and biannual dental visits should begin when the first tooth erupts or by 12 months. We offer preventative treatments that can dramatically reduce the incidence of cavities, including fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

6 Tips To Improve Your Kids Dental Experience

    Start Young: The earlier a child visits the dentist, the better. It's preferable that the first visit starts at age one or when the first tooth is visible.
    Keep it simple: When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details as unnecessary information can cause undue anxiety.
    Watch your words: Tell your child that we are looking for "sugar bugs" so we can clean them off their teeth, don't use words like "shots", "hurt" or "pain".
    Avoid Bribery: Many experts do not recommend promising your child a special treat if they behave well at the dentist. This will only increase apprehension.
    Good Oral Hygiene: Teach your child that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not a choice, and that we will take care of his or her teethso that they are strong and healhty enough to eat with.
    Pretend Visit: Before the first dentist appointment, play pretend. You be the dentist and then let your child be the dentist. All you need is a toothbrush.

Preventative Dental Care for Kids

Our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood recommends preventative dental care and encourages good dental hygiene that can help children avoid suffering from common preventable conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease, that can lead to malnourishment, infection and lost school days.

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