Digestive Problems Diagnosed by Dentists

Digestive Problems Diagnosed by Dentists

When you think of digestive problems, the first professional that is typically thought of is the family doctor. However, your dental care provider is also able to diagnose certain issues related to the digestive system by taking a good look at your mouth and teeth.

Problems that affect the body systems related to digestion may produce symptoms that escape your notice. However, there may be problems forming in your mouth, teeth, or gums that can be traced back to medical conditions in other areas of the body.

Teeth that are eroding on the inner surfaces may indicate the presence of an eating disorder such as bulimia or acid reflux. Swollen and tender gums or the presence of periodontal disease may reveal diabetes or a metabolic condition. Certain ulcerative conditions of the intestines and digestive tract may also cause sores and ulcers to form in the mouth. Bad breath, excessive salivation, or dry mouth may also be indicative of other medical problems.

It is widely believed that more than 90 percent of medical conditions involving more than one of your bodily systems will cause symptoms that affect the mouth, teeth, or gums, including leukemia or diseases affecting the kidneys, pancreas, or heart.

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