Common Dental Issues for Kids

Common Dental Issues for Kids

Because our children’s teeth are still developing and different than ours, they experience some problems that older patients don’t run as much of a risk of. Here is a list of the most common dental issues kids face.

• Surprisingly, very young children are at risk of tooth decay, and it is mainly caused by their bottle. This is referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, nursing caries, and some other names. Frequent contact between liquids with carbohydrates and the teeth leads to diminished enamel. These liquids include milk, fruit juice, formula, and even breast milk. Be sure to not leave your child in their crib with their bottle, as this will decrease contact.

• Cavities are one of the common dental issues young and older patients have in common. Because children are more likely to indulge in candy and other sugary treats, decay, and therefore cavities, can be common.

• Some medications include a very high sugar content to mask their taste. While this may make them easier for a child to take, it also makes them very bad for the teeth.

• Thumb sucking is a bad habit for many reasons. One main reason is that it can affect the growth of the front teeth, making them stick out forward, which can in turn lead to altered facial growth.

• A knocked-out tooth is actually more common in kids than adults. This is due to how often they play and take risks on the playground.

For tips and advice on how to minimize these risks, talk to our expert in pediatric dentistry.