Braces Compared to Invisalign

Braces Compared to Invisalign

Many adults and older teens have misaligned teeth. Although you may be interested in orthodontics for aesthetic reasons, treatment can also benefit your dental health. Our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist can help you determine whether traditional braces or Invisalign is right for you.


Both Invisalign and traditional braces may be appropriate for a variety of orthodontic problems. Treatment times can vary according to your unique needs. Most dental insurance plans that cover orthodontic treatments cover both types of treatment.


Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are changed every two weeks according to a predetermined treatment schedule while braces use brackets and wires to move teeth into position. The aligners tend to be smooth and comfortable, and because they are removable, you can eat and clean your teeth just as you have always done. Braces may require certain lifestyle adjustments: You may need special tools to floss around your braces, and you may have to alter your diet in order to avoid damaging your appliance.

Braces can be used to make precise changes to individual teeth, which means that they can be used to treat virtually any orthodontic problem, while Invisalign may be most appropriate for mild to moderate misalignments. Invisalign may not be appropriate for patients who are not self-motivated since it requires a high degree of patient compliance. Braces may require more orthodontic visits and can be used on patients of all ages, but Invisalign is most appropriate for older teens and adults.

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