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Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Dental implants are the best, top of the line treatment to replace a tooth. Dental implants are functional and reliable and look completely natural. Dr. Bijan Afar and the team at NOHO Dental Group are passionate about restoring smiles!

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Dental Implants Expert in North Hollywood

Our North Hollywood dental implants specialist can restore the function and appearance of your teeth with dental implants.

Dental implants are the most advanced dental treatment to restore a missing tooth or teeth. The team at NOHO Dental Group is highly trained and skilled with the latest technologies, ensuring that your dental implant procedure will be efficient, painless, and long-lasting. Dr. Bijan Afar has been practicing dentistry for over 29 years and although he is proficient in all forms of dentistry, he is an expert when it comes to dental implantology.
Dental implants are biocompatible titanium structures that replace the roots of the missing teeth. Our specialist for dental implants in North Hollywood carefully places implants into the socket of the missing teeth where they will fuse with bone over a period of a few months. Once the implant heals, abutments and restorations are placed. A dental implant is generally considered the ideal tooth replacement option since it is a permanent restoration that can strengthen your jawbone and improve your overall dental health.
Dental implants have high success rate. Although many people can benefit from implants, not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. If you are missing teeth, our specialist for dental implants in North Hollywood, can help you understand your restoration options, which may include implants.

What To Expect With Your Dental Implants

Typically dental implants take several visits to complete and require some healing time as well. The steps involved are:

    Bone Grafting: If a bone graft is necessary, it will be placed during the first surgical appointment, then allowed to heal.
    Set Sprue: After the bone graft is healed, a hole is drilled into the bone and the implant is screwed into place.
    Gum Healing: 3 to 6 months is the time needed for the gums to heal over the implant and the bone support to re-form and stabilize.
    Set Abutment: After the bone is fully healed, the end of the implant is exposed and an abutment in placed in top of it.
    Crown Implant: A permanent crown is cemented to the abutment and checked for bite and function.

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